How to be considered dating material

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Guys will notice that, too. Overly done, obvious makeup is not a look guys want to be around every day.

Just like you may write off a dude who has hooked up with half of your friends and is always seen bringing a different girl home every night, guys may be reluctant to date a girl with that reputation. Girls can get around, but keep it discrete. If you had a wild run of hook-ups and earned yourself a reputation, but are now ready for a relationship, then tone it down and lay low for a bit.

This Is Honestly Why You’re Not Girlfriend Material | Thought Catalog

As for having sex the first time you get with a guy, the boys we interviewed are in consensus that this is not a deal-breaker in deciding whether or not you are girlfriend material. Kiko explains that though it may leave little to the imagination, first date sex is situational. But it really depends on the individual. Some guys just want to hook up and are not interested in relationships, so many times it has nothing to do with the girl. It's completely dependent on the situation and people involved. Or, the dude will date her anyway and realize she is miserable three months and six expensive dinner dates later.

Try to make an effort to get along with his crew. If they are unbearable, then you may want to reconsider the guy because, as Nate points out, those are the people closest to him, who he chooses to surround himself with.

That can be a red flag if every single one of his friends drives you crazy—maybe he will, too. So we lead with our sexuality. We dress a certain way, act a certain way, all with the intention of getting his juices flowing and capturing his attention, but then what? For guys sex is sex and a relationship is a relationship. You constantly worry about how he feels.

You measure the number of texts and time how long it takes for him to text you back. You pay more attention to how he feels about you than to how you feel about him. Is this really the right guy for you?

How to be considered dating material

Instead, all you think about is how he feels about you. Is he going to commit to you? You play what I call emotional detective, constantly gathering and analyzing clues to see how he feels. They are emotionally damaged guys with major commitment issues.

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And unfortunately, they are usually pretty hard to resist. A damage case will never see you as girlfriend material because he finds something wrong with everyone. At the same time, women who go after damage cases usually have a fair degree of damage of their own. You want a partner, not a project. You want someone who can handle his life, not someone you need to fix. Here is a very simple and basic truth about men.

Men move towards what feels good. Says someone would make good girlfriend material? Remember one phone call where my girlfriend material. Geologists often need to be an awesome girlfriend material that popped into my head.

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13 Things That Will Make Him Realize You’re Girlfriend Material

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7 Subtle Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

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