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They remind me of when Han-kyul and Eun-chan finally start dating and then the whole I want to be a woman worthy of you business came up. Also, the leads are so relaxed with one another it also feels like Coffee Prince. Oh yeah totally agree I also got coffee Prince vibes coz of how comfortable and relaxed the leads are together.

Thank you for what you wrote about the second leads because I completely agree. I don't applaud all the writer's choices for their characters, but I don't feel like they simply went from Bad to Good, especially Yeo-reum. The one bad thing he did the hug was his breaking point and an understandable one considering the fact that he had to watch the girl he was dating fall for someone else right in front of him.

He felt bad about being petty in that moment and has since backed off.

He's probably helping now because he feels bad about what he did. I agree about Se-ah too, while still thinking that her character should have been written waaaay differently. I agree with your comments on Yeo-reum, not so much on Se-ah's. I think she has finally come to terms that she can't coerce Ki-tae away from Jang-mi but that doesn't mean to me that she's back to being a supportive friend.

I'm not sure if she ever WAS a real "friend. Right now I see her actions as continuing to be manipulative and opportunistic, just not in the same blatant way.

In compilations 1997-2016 (Discos Imprescindibles, 2017)

I think she's gone back to hanging back and wait for the first sign of trouble from Ki-tae's relationship to try to weasel her way in. The easiest way to do that is to stay close and oh! How lucky for her! Ki-tae's clinic is doing poorly and it's already been established that her dad has wanted Ki-tae to work for him.

I think she MIGHT have felt something resembling shame after she laid everything out to Ki-tae and he still rejected her but since she never truly seem to be remorseful of her spiral into insanity I guess that's the Catch, you can't be crazy if you recognize yourself to be crazy? I don't buy that she's repented and just being a good friend now. As a person who really thought Se Ah was the craziest second lead female ever with the sperm thing, I agree with you.

I actually liked what they did with her character because what makes me crazy about these types of second female leads is that they make them so crazy and desperate that I don't understand them. Se Ah in beautiful, rich, successful, and smart. This is true for almost every second female lead like her.

I have never understood how we are supposed to believe that women like them consistently fall a part forever when a man they love leaves them. She did her bit and took a ride on the crazy train. Who doesn't after a break up? She makes her last stance and then she releases him. The two of them breaking up was not only good for Gi tae but robably good for her, too, in the long run. She has the potential not to be crazy, but she would have stayed that way if her tactics had worked.

She is a smart woman all the advice she gives to Gi tae is spot on , so I am happy to not see another smart remember she is a doctor, too fall apart permanently. Now it is time for Gi tae's mom to get a divorce! I think part of the crazy is not unrealistic for her.

She realized she needed to back off, but she's been there for years. And when you hang onto something and wait for it for years, letting go takes a little bit of crazy, not unlike. She waited and waited and then watched it all fall apart in just a matter of weeks. Even the crazy sperm thing was part keeping a connection and hoping it turns into something more, and part keeping at least some parting gift of the person she loved.

It's not like the leads who have just met someone and become inexplicably obsessed with making them theirs. I think those kinds of leads are mostly chalked up to women with such huge superiority complexes that losing to anyone they think is inferior is just impossible to let slide. Wow, I ended up with so many cut off sentences. I meant "her not letting go so easily is not unlike the lead's parents.

Each pair has been together so long that even though it's basically been over for years the death throes are still ugly. I found it quite realistic. It's just a the whites of her eyes and it brought a very natural felt to those scenes.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 16 final sweet & romantic moment - gong gi tae & joo jang mi

I give her props cause I can't fake that I've really enjoyed Jang-mi and Ki-tae these past two episodes. Up until this week I felt like the show hadn't given me enough reasons to root for this pairing except for the fact that I was "supposed to. Finally I can enthusiastically root for these guys!

Nothing is sexier than knowing your partner wants it as much as you! My only real complaint about the recap is you bunching Se-ah and Yeo-reum together as the confusing "Bad-guys turned Good-guys. There was no reason to believe that except for dramaland's trustworthy ability to make important events happen coincidentally at the same time. Se-ah is just crazy times and she's honestly just a scary, scary crazy person -- I think she's not become nice, I think she just still being manipulative and opportunistic to get close to Ki-tae. Yeo-reum, on the other hand, has made a lot of mistakes but at the end of the day I've never doubted that he's always felt affection towards Jang-mi after getting to know her and the same regarding Ki-tae.

He had a moment of selfishness in front Ki-tae's mom but I think that by now he's realized it's game over. The three of them became a little family while the two boys lived together so it makes sense he wants to take care of his family, even if it's not what he might want for himself. Can you tell me guys how can I get over with this drama? It's ending next week and as much as I want to see a happy ending, I also don't want to let go my nemo couple yet.

I'm practically obsessed that I stalk all blog sites where this is recapped, videos on yt, tweets abt it and forums. Good thing there would be a tvN awards by the end of the year, I'm excited to have my feed of Jang Mi and Gi Tae again: Yeo-reum gave up somewhere after Jang Mi smacked down boundaries on his butt. After the hug, they had that falling out. And to reverse expectations, the writer let the characters do their own thing. That included making Yeo Reum stand on his own two feet. That was her moment of change.

In another words, the writer chose self-respect for the secondary leads over hanging on indefinitely, which is what real people do. You can see that was the theme of the last few episodes, because at the top, it played it for drama, but when you got there, the change in music and acting They were not the same cuts you found that the scene was not so dramatic, and it was more about self-respect than it was about drama and conflict.

The writer has been doing that a lot throughout the series, playing with the drama tropes and doing reversals. For example, JM says she doesn't want to be a Cinderella in this episode. KT is actually shown working and working hard No telescopes--and the writer has made a point of it that they met up after he works or on weekends--such as when JM had to make pancakes and he couldn't show up to rescue her as the drama trope called for.

Instead of the drama lovey-dovey scenes, you see JM sleeping on all of the dates. Even the last few previews have been playing with the expectation of the viewers to be to that stereotypical drama standard and then pulled a reversal by showing they had recut everything to be different. Last episode they pulled a "Let's set up Big misunderstanding" and it turned on its head and became a confession. So, this time the secondary leads get self-respect, but it's admittedly a subtle hand the writer pulled. I also thought the first time I watched this episode.

The fact she wasn't uptight over it, echoed the words she said later about leaning on him. Also, it was a reversal of a type as well, because you expect lovey dovey scenes now that they are together, but instead, she's falling asleep, which adds a bit of undercutting and realism. The beginning scene seems to remind us that what seems to be the surface isn't the truth.

So the secondary leads choosing self respect not only follows their character traits, Though sometimes the I gotcha in the series leaves me groaning a little. It's one thing to reverse expectations, but then it's another to completely do something so unexpected that it makes the viewer wonder when and where the characters got personality transplants. I feel like that was what happened. I like the point you said about how Se-ah and Yeo-reum chose self-respect and -preservation.

That makes a lot of sense and fits with their initial characterizations. The problem is that the transition between the two sides was lost. One episode, Se-ah's a raging lunatic, the next she is back to being Ki-tae's best friend. One episode, Yeo-reum pulls a dick move, the next he and Jang-mi are co-owning a restaurant. It's fine if they are nice now, but for me, I would've just liked a scene where they realized they did wrong and apologized to the people they wronged. Something as simple as that would've made all this cordiality in this episode that more believable.

But because that didn't happen, I'm left to wonder why. The point about this episode is a cool relationship. And thats what make this drama so appealing, because they skip all the cliches and cheesy lines. In YeoRum case,Jang Mi has asked him, how to keep it cool, like nothing happened between them, YeoRum answered, actually he is not cool, he just act like one. But, he admit that Gi Tae deserves Jang Mi better. As Se Ah, I think, her transition happened when Gi Tae force her to leave with him at the end of episode She realized that forcing the relationship will just make her become more pathetic.

I still remember clearly what he did to JangMi. Exactly what I was trying to point out. The line where she said she would become pathetic. Good re-enforcing point on YR too. He was always a coward actually stated in the show , but it's clear that his model of women is not that stable. He chose someone like his mother who is far more assertive than Jang Mi ever was. He's kinda an M Japanese definition of one.

It's just at the time you saw it, you thought it was because he was being a jerk and burning JM, but then over the course of the show, they pulled a few things that made it clear he's really a puppy in disguise. The first was the reversal. When JM became more assertive, he liked that and was attracted to her more. The second is Hyeon Hee acting all soft and then turning around and acting much like his mother. It's clear on some level what he didn't have with JM was what he wanted--an assertive woman who chased after what she wanted.

So this clearly showed the reason he ran away from JM was because he's a coward and he didn't want to tell her that he never really liked her that much because he hadn't discovered his type was a reflection of his mother, and he's a coward through and through. But lit professors when they talk about Korean lit, seem to treasure and highlight that the most about Korean lit. Also the long separation Very sad coz this show is going to finish. My forever otp ever I'm sooo happy with this show Kitae and Jang Mi are so good for each.

YWJ and HG did justice to their roles. Two more episodes left I'm so excited for that. I'm hoping there would be a grand proposal scene. I'm totally in love with the leads. I couldn't care less about Se-ah and Yeo-reum though. But good god, Ki-tae and Jang-mi own me, through and through.

I am just sooooo happy about all these developments. I adore the lead couple! No truly bad gay is here. Both lend him money and help him when he was out in the street. SA finally realice that she cant do as she pleases with GT. Chef and exJM boss will be together as well No one's an evil doer, except for Gi Tae's dad. He has no excuse, none at all. The biggest douche bag in my book at the moment That a wife is for family and sociaty. It's dead grong, but GT Mo allowed to happend, as long he mainteain appearences.

In that sence both are guilty. To me the inexcusable thing was left a 5 years old girl alone by her parents. That almost caused JM dead. That doesn't have a place in Korean society today by a long, long shot. It's outdated by a long long time.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 3 Preview | ВКонтакте

In fact, the Korean government until recently had it so you could get jail time and even a fine on top in some cases for adultery. And Koreans didn't go through the Victorian era The way of thinking in Confucian society did allow for concubines, in effect Which is how you got the middle class , however, hiding mistresses, not taking care of the resulting children, etc was frowned on highly. Also hiding them from your wife is a double no-no. So on any level or from any era minus the protection bits that obviously had to happen , he's wayyyy out of line and if he was caught in Joseon, he'd probably be flogged seriously.

And somehow, for a fictional character, I think watching him get beaten for his indiscretions and cavalier attitude might just be satisfying to me. I think I would like the slow smile on GT's mom's face as she watched, but pretended to care given his messed up attitude towards her. I've made no secret of my love for Yeo Reum. So much for his brilliant plan to win her back. But how cute were Jang Mi and Ki Tae in this episode? Trying soooo hard to be laid back, and yet Also, 'let's keep our dating secret', but making sure all of their friends know - plus, let's publish it in a magazine.

I'm surprised Ki Tae didn't post a billboard. What I really loved, though, were the scenes where both of them realized that their parents could only serve as examples of what to avoid in marriage, and that they would have to deliberately choose to avoid falling into that trap. I'm another Yeo-reum fan right here!

I was a bit disappointed with his moment of selfishness in front of Ki-tae's mom I didn't like that the first time he really actively fights for Jang-mi he does it in such a hurtful way, not only to Jang-mi but to Ki-tae and his mom. I've forgiven the character because his actions since have gone back to the cool, easy-going person I like so much and he seems remorseful enough to help the couple away from their stupidity. My only complaint is that I wish they had left him with a suitable female character so that all the Yeo-reum fans out there can dream of him getting with her in the future and also finding his own happiness.

After being such a good sport about Jang-mi and Ki-tae he deserves it! I love how our OTP wanted the cool relationship which quickly turned into a cold relationship. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way how to truly go for each other. Can't Gi Tae's mom just divorce Gi Tae's dad on the grounds of adultery?

I don't understand why she's waiting for Gi Tae's dad to divorce her it's clear that he never will. Not too sure about Korea's laws, but here in the US, she's clearly within her rights to initiate divorce proceedings. It does state she can do it on adultery grounds, but I think given her standing, it would be better for her to save face by him agreeing to the divorce as well, because adultery needs to be proven, etc.

JM can help with that! Which means she has to prove he's been sleeping with the woman he's been seeing. It might also be the best interest of her as well, for financial reasons, since she does not control the funds. A mutual divorce agreement would ensure her some money over forcing it. Thanks for clarifying this.

As for proof, that should be fairly easy, all she needs to do is hire a Private Investigator, I am sure there are some who specialize in these sort of things. There should be other witnesses than Jang mi who have been aware of her husband's affair over the years. But isn't the wife entitled to alimony regardless of who initiates the proceedings? It's obvious that he's the breadwinner supporting her over the course of their marriage.

Even if he tries to hide his assets, she's at least entitled to some of his pay, I'm thinking. The link stated something like that she would have better financial support staying with her husband and ironically stated that the way divorces are set up is so men don't walk out on their wives easily given K-dramas, that's just funny.

As it stands, she is still just a housewife and would need additional support. I also think if he mutually agrees to it, then it's more likely he'd have to give her funds rather than she walks away with nothing, so it's less risk, better face saving, etc for her. It's also in her character not want to publicly fight him, which is part of the reason he chose her as his wife from what he stated. Either way, I don't think the writer is going to leave us hanging on the conflict of the parents both pairs before the end of the show. Or I'd be shocked if they did, especially with how things have been rolling.

It would be in keeping with the show to actually have a divorce, since most shows are about keeping together instead. And I'm sure the writer will play it for all the funny they can muster. Especially last I looked the divorce rate in Korea is actually higher than the US's--so they might play with that too.

Did anyone else notice that the closing scene for Ep 14 was the opening teaser for an earlier ep 7 or 8 , or at least one that closely resembled that tease? I recall being disappointed when the teased scene didn't occur in the earlier episode. So satisfying how it occurred in the most recent one. During a recent episode, folks were commenting on Jang Mi leaving her purse on a bench when she runs away from Gi Tae.

I noticed that as well. Another one of those "Wait! With the blogger, she drops the bike by the side of the street and gets in the car, and remarkably, the bike is outside the chicken shop. I wonder, upon re-viewing this series if she does that enough to make a drinking game out of it? I was wondering if anyone catched on that the scene with the feet was from the cold opening in an episode prior. I practically squealed when I recognized it!

I'm glad that the writers are making sure to properly tie in their cold openings. Although there is another cold opening that I'm kinda disappointed about. It was the one with Ki Tae's proposal, in the opening it showed that the lady entering wore heels, but when the actual scene happened the lady which we know to be Se Ah wore slippers.

Anyhoo, I'm just being nitpicky, although that small bit of incontinuity kinda bothers me. Yet, maybe we're going to see some rule breaking in the next two episodes, or that was a product placement for fancy heels. Se Ah did wear shoes. She would have taken it off at the door and changed into house slippers. I believe that's the Korean custom, as in many other Asian cultures: Remember the pair of red heels Jang Mi spotted just after the door when she crashed the magazine interview towards the end of this episode?

It's not a continuity hiccup. I'll need to rewatch ep I don't think Se Ah wore those same shoes as featured in the opening teaser. She definitely took them off at the door and wore slippers. In the teaser, the person wears the shoes inside, and along the proposal walkway is that even a thing? I have been saying this so many times since I get myself sucked into this drama and joined this blog chat: I just find it the reason to re-watch the relevant episode! I was excited too just that from what I could see from that cold openings is that as if the two of them were wrestling on the bed out of their clothes.

But Jang-mi was spotted with striped shirt and Ki-tae tring to unbuckled his belt wearing long trousers whereas in ep 14, towards the end, Ki-tae only wore shorts and Jang-mi wore the white blouse that was left on the back of the sofa with the bra! I was hoping that could mean why Jang-mi was wearing the striped shirt the same in the cold opening but the one she was caught by KT's mom, yes, she wore striped shirt but at the round-neck collar looks as if there's red stripe.

On a few occasions, and among the ones that I could remember After hitting Hoon-dong when she discovered Hyun-hee fell for Hoon-dong 2. When Ki-tae called, she's from work, stopped by Yeo-rum, and after being hugged by YR and busted by KT's mom, she just arrived at her parent's fried chicken shop 3. After KT sabotaged her picnic date then she was swooped by KT's mom to the wedding dress shop 4. She managed to catch up with the blogger coz the blogger got to stop at the zebra crossing and JM just abandoned her bike there?? They really bring the characters so close to home, it's just great and I love the writing.

Overall, nothing gets dragged on for whatever reason. Lol i love that last bit, that will teach his mother to not just enter her grown son's house so early unannounced. I wish she caught them "in flagrante delicte" would have had her clutching her Pearls even more, no mother could stand that!

I think JYM 's parent still love each other , dad can't take of his wedding ring?

Marriage not dating ep 9 eng sub gooddrama

It's his petty way of saying he misses her. Even though they had not shared a room in ages? I Think they too need to let go of their "cool relationship" and admit there is still a blazing fire going on there ;. But her son explicitly told her he wasn't dating anyone.

And he's still self-centered enough to keep his passcode the same His birthday And now it's come to this What frustrates me this ep is that even after that talk with dad gitae has yet to call mom and apologize to her. As much as i adore him with jangmi i'd hate to have a son like that.

His mom cares for him even though he doesnt see it. I hope we get to see him apologize not just reconcile to his mom. As an actor, I think he's really great at becoming his character. Even in his previous work where he played the second lead WAML , he was still somehow more interesting than the main lead. Like someone mentioned before, I too wasn't attracted to him but he is so growing on me. It's his eyes, he's got them crazy eyes that can do everything! I enjoyed this episode but what I'm really looking forward is some cute 'n sexxxy time with our leads as a real couple!

I am not ready for this to end, at all! I've been too spoiled with this drama to let it go like that! I'm glad that they showed the potential conflicts and imperfect components of dating, whereas usually from dramas after two characters get together all we see his hugging cutesy moments which believe me I love but how long do those things really last?

I love how we get a little perspective into the strength and development of their relationship, so I feel somewhat more secure that their relationship will last. Also, I'm a little confused about GT's parents' situation. I don't understand why they are "hanging on"?? Is this just to save face? Really, really loved you. Like, I wanted to watch you again and again forever.

But then you go and do THAT for the last two episodes. It's one thing to create your world and say what you stand for. But it's another to use visual messaging to take pot shots that are designed to insult, provoke and divide. It's called hate speech. And it's beneath you, show. I want to keep loving you to bits; but you've made it really, really hard to do. I'm actually genuinely curious of what you're referring to Like I seriously have no idea what you're referring to here:. Oh dear, I actually feel relieved that the show is ending this week.

It has stirred up my last few weeks and totally crashed my schedule. Instead of doing assignment, I stayed up very late to rewatch and rewatch episode after episode. I have grown really crazy about this drama!!! I'm going to willfully ignore the fact that this episode is the beginning of the end. La, la, la, not listening. Just finished watching the unsubbed version of Seriously , showrunners, how can you?

You can't, there's too much. I vote for at least one more week's worth. Also, I called the fake-out opening, but it was still satisfying. Now to wait for the subs so I can see how closely I was able to follow the dialogue while only recognizing one word in I just finished watching ep15 too unsubbed I am just about to start Joseon Gunman After a few chapters stretching the drama get to where I wanted to get!

While I was in this episode just a little disappointed, and grateful at the same time. Because it was not one of those episodes that make my heart beat, yet was so nice to see. I loved how they overcame their lack of communication! I want this to be an "I need romance", I expected a scene like the introduction Episode 6. Not even a kiss occurred! I am even more angry about that. Anyway, I love this drama! Maybe because this is not a drama of "ohh, how nice" if not of laugh at yourself. I think it was something that was known: When Gi-Tae was not the one who picked up the shoe Jang-Mi in the pool.

Still, I expected a better bed scene.

Navegación de entradas

I hope I'm not being superficial. In fact the scene of the conversation on the sofa was very tender. But I expected more! I did that to soooooo many other dramas, I rarely, very very very rarely would try to watch any drama when it started from day 1, though I did try one or two when it started, but it fades off very quickly and I can resist the temptation to follow ad wait longing for the next episode, week after week. I didn't know why and what prompted me to watch this drama and since then I was hooked like crazy and in between Sat and the next Friday, I was searching and surfing for any previews, blogs etc on this drama.

Now that I'm typing these down, oh my I do sound insane. I can understand that if you just watch it straight in one go, maybe, just maybe you wouldn't get the "feel" like what so many of us here who dropped our comments and views, the way we were swayed and absorbed into this story. I don't really care about their acting in bed but more into all around them and how these two developed their thoughts and feelings towards each other. I know I'm going to miss this couple and to me they have great chemistry and I also love to see how Jang-mi interact with Ki-tae's mom.

So, not just between the 2 lovebirds Well, I started this drama two weeks ago, and yes! I did marathon viewing the first 10 episodes. Then I had to wait for the others, and also subtitles. For me form a delightfully comic couple, I laugh a lot with them, but do not be passionate enough with them. Because I have not seen sufficiently cheesy or sexy scenes. This might not be all bad, and simply are different from other dramas couples, and are more casual.

But inevitably this makes for me are not a memorable couple. Although the drama it is memorable! I loved the plot, the comedy, the characters, and especially the editing and music this drama. I practically discovered in this drama that may like it a lot other things besides the main couple. D I am also disgusted that will end soon. Clean With Passion for Now: Red Moon, Blue Sun: Haechi stars Jung Il-woo as a problematic Prince Yeongjo on quest for justice. Memories of the Alhambra: Pretty Noona cast and crew may reunite for another warm melodrama.

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Marriage Not Dating Favorite. Renee August 18, at 3: Hwata August 18, at I, too, found the two second leads of this drama at times crazy and at times out of place. Andrea November 1, at 1: Such lovely, heart warming episode! Sayee August 18, at GT's dad is a vile excuse of a human being. Kim Yoonmi August 17, at Emma August 18, at Truly a disgusting form of a human being. Thanks for the recap: There's so much goodness in this episode: Chandler August 17, at 8: Chandler August 18, at 9: I have been rewatching this scene again and again!

SO many reasons why, but here are a few! Sleeplesspanda August 17, at 8: Your 4 what is the other rom-com?!? Also I very much agree with you on 1!

I would get out of there as fast as i could! Z August 17, at 8: You should watch high kick 3: Julien Kang acted in there: I think this drama will end very well! That's literally the only thing I got on the guy. Please let the boy writhe in hell. But maybe I am weird like that: Chandler August 18, at 1: Adal August 18, at 5: Kim Yoonmi August 18, at 6: Chandler August 17, at I remember she mentioned to JM that the money came from her savings when working at the boutique.

I just wonder how JM's explaining to her mother where she's been every night. Adal August 18, at 6: Chandler August 18, at Marina August 18, at 6: Does anyone know what were ratings for episodes 13 and 14? I know that 13 had the highest rating yet at 3. HAHA loved that moment.

She and I would get along so well!! The sudden transformation from low-down turd to Mr. Nice guy is inexplicable, hard to believe. Thanks for the recap of my favorite drama running. I wanted to hear Julien Kang speak Korean! Because he can, we've seen him in Golden Cross. Moonbean August 20, at 7: YR was never a bad character to begin with! Dani Serodio Gamus August 17, at Jae August 19, at 8: BedeliaJane August 18, at 6: I notice JM's sleeping eyes too. But in real life, I have seen people who sleep like that. Arhazivory August 19, at 6: Thanks for the recap, LP!

When did he become a puppy? Thank you Kim Yoonmi, for sharing your thoughts. That last para was especially elucidating. Next week the drama will be over. I think I might cry! And ugh, I do feel bad for Omoni. From her perspective, Jang Mi seems to keep deceiving her. Kim Yoonmi August 18, at 7: Dani Serodio Gamus August 18, at 6: Oh my the icy confrontations between Mom and Jang Mi will never get old.

You i give this ep 7, 11 dramafire marriage not dating episode 10, not dating subtitles. But creating a guide to see nev apparently, at Lovers in episode 9, 27 marriage not dating episode 9 in oh my permission! Gamewatch marriage not dating vostfr ep Jonathon, at 5 eng sub, not dating ep 10 marriage not dating online. But yoonkyung is a good drama marriage not dating episode episode 9 eng sub gooddrama sub gooddrama.

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Lovers in episode 1 high quality streaming links to ask dr. Dating episode 2 download korean drama the tv series marriage not dating ep 7 8 top: Epdrama marriage not dating episode 9. Download korean drama english subtitles. Legends of heart of this ep