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  1. My Only 3 Rules of Dating in Engineering School
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My Only 3 Rules of Dating in Engineering School

One day my boyfriend randomly told me he built a shed. This can really come in handy, when you need something fixed. Engineers are realistic and down to earth people, so every time I have any sort of problem, my boyfriend will calm me down by listing every solution.

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They might not be able to sing you a song or write you a poem, but you know you can rely on them. Especially when he works on a difficult assignment for several hours, when he finally finishes he will be so happy about it and show it off to you. We have great deep conversations; we can talk about anything from art and politics to the lavender garden in Hokkaido.

I had never seen a straight guy be so meticulous about his room.

He even makes his bed everyday! I mean the cleanliness of his room kind of deteriorates as the semester goes on, but he will still organize his room if he has time.

7 things all girls who date an engineer know to be true

Most engineers can fix anything except the crack of dawn or a broken heart. It is indeed fun living here in Dilbertville. Well worth the trip.

Thanks for the dating tips! Both my husband and I are engineers, but we talk with our kids about a lot of things. We also are both history buffs and love to read, so we have a lot of non-technical things that we love to talk about. Although … my son is third generation nerd. He was doomed from the start, although we never pushed him into it.

What to consider before dating an engineer | EngineerChic

I would take him with me sometimes when I traveled. We only had one. How could they not be thrilled by lexical scanners, LALR 1 languages, and peephole optimizations? Hmmm … teenage boys may interpret that last one differently.

~ hard-hats, design and manicures

I do like the lists in the blog. Met a great gal, married, put her thru nursing school, then she put him thru engineering school. I myself being that same case. Many possible reasons for it… but I think it boils down to … engineers are practical, both female and male… so you find someone with similar social status, similar career goals, similar intelligence, similar algorithms on how one does things in life..

Things You Need To Know to Date An Engineer

Powered by WordPress , Hybrid , and Structure. Dating advice for women engineers By Cherish The Scientist on July 12, My husband sent me a link to an EDN page featuring a video covering dating advice for engineers. So my advice would be: Ignore any guy who says that female engineers are unattractive. Well, maybe if you have hobby in common. So what have I missed?

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So far knocking on wood all six are gainfully employed It takes a certain kind of person to live with a techie and it makes little difference if the techie is male or female. I must say… spot on! Subscribe To Engineer Blogs! Other Pages About Suggestions Write for us!